Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Back on Track

I've decided to stop being lazy again and get back on track again! I finally made it back to the gym today and to my surprise I was able to actually run 3/4 of my run. So back again tomorrow to hopefully complete the whole run.

We recently completed our 12 week Biggest Loser program at work. And I will tell you, I was so impressed with everyone. As those of you who have read my other posts, my goal with my blog was to help others and myself to make a total life change to be more heathy. I will say I felt somewhat accomplished of this after our 12 weeks. We had 4 different girls that lost at least 20 pounds. All together the entire group lost 170 pounds - that's right a whole person. I cannot express how excited I am about this. Hopefully we all stick to it and reach our personal goals.

So how is everyone else doing? I know the summer time makes things harder sometime to want to be healthy and exercise because we're so me that's where I've been. But as I've said above I'm going to get back on my track of running and starting this week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays my brother-in-law is going to be my trainer at the new gym that's opening up. I've told some of you about it, but not's isokinetic training. Usually used for those who have had major surgery to help recoup and gain their strength back, it's a newer concept to this area. But let me tell you, I've done it twice now...and it kicks my butt. It only takes 30 minutes, but I feel like I've been working out for 3 hours!!! So I'll keep you all posted on the progress there. If you're interested in more information, let me know!!

Ok that's it for now. I hope everyone has a safe, fun and Happy 4th of July. Don't forget to thank those who are fighting for us to have our Freedom and make it possible to celebrate this weekend!!!

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