Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is for anyone that would like to post their ideas and thoughts on their quest to be fit. Please feel free to chim in and share!


  1. Hey Stacy, Great job on the blog so far. There are a couple of different reasons for me to get in shape. The first and most important reason to be and stay healthy is to be there for my family as long as I possibly can. Not having any living grandfather's is difficult and is motivation for me to stay as healthy as possible. The other reason is I started refereeing high school basketball full time this year and I absolutely love it. I've decided like any red-blooded american to move up in my proffession. I've been told by numerous refing partners this season that I'm good enough to attend the college try-outs camp this summer and possibly receive a college basketball schedule for next year. So I actually ahve till June to get into shape for the camp. Many of those same officials have told me that my chances will be much better to get a schedule if I lose about 40 lbs in the waist and put it on my shoulders, chest and arms to basically look the part of the college official.
    Becuase I run in basketball and use my legs so much in umpiring baseball it's difficult for me to run or jog for cardio. So, a very respected official and personal friend of mine, Ryan Norman, gave me a great piece of advice for cardio. Swimming. I love swimming. So tomorrow morning Feb 29th I'm going down to my local Salvation Army and I'm signing a membership to the pool and wieght facility. I'm planning to go in at 6am every morning to go swimming and work out before vic goes to work.
    I'm not concerned alot about my actual weight but rather my total physical health.
    I need to be eating healthier and I'm not just going to pick a diet to change my life to fit but rather taking all the great things from several different diets to work into my life. Because honestly now, do we really have the time, money and dedication to do the exclusive weight watchers or south beach or atkins? I know that with my schedule it's just not possible. so in the mornings i use the insulin resistance diet and eat a toasted engish muffin with about 2 tablespoons of cream cheese and three microwaved canadian bacon slices. It's very tasty and a great way to start my day. I usually have a cup of coffee each morning maybe two, but thats one of those things that I'm still doing on my own. And for lunch if I have to eat on the run I stick with grilled chicken or if I'm at home then I mix up some tuna and sweet relish and light miracle whip and use celery sticks to eat that instead of bread or crackers.
    Just another way to lean up the diet.
    So adding some cardio swimming and a pretty good upper body work out will hopefully do just the trick.
    Thats all for now. I'll check back in with you in a couple of days after the work out is in full swing. I've already been doing the diet for a week or two and I had a baseball scrimmage to go to(first of the season). I really noticed a big difference when i put my slacks on from last year. That was such a rewarding feeling.
    Ohh and I don't weigh like using the scales.
    The scales kinda become my goal and my god, so I avoid that magical number that I'm trying to lose and just stick with getting in shape and feeling better. My proof of success is my stamina and my zipper!!!
    Plus while it's a great feeling hitting that goal for weight loss, it's equally discouraging when I go back over that number again. So I don't entertain the number games on the scales!
    Thanks again Stacy

  2. I have been using for nutrition and fitness tracking as well as motivation, work outs, recipes and more. All of this for free!

    I get food news and recipes from as well as her cookbooks. Lots of yummy foods that are low fat, etc.

    I have been working out with Wii Active (much more intense than Wii fit alone). I have an elliptical, but I have been having trouble with the belt slipping off. Lately every where I turn is the the couch to 5k and other programs like it, so I am really leaning toward trying that. Just need to work out some logistics as far as time, place to do it, etc.

    My goal is to lose weight, but more importantly to be a healthy mom and wife (plus a little sexiness never hurt either!).

    I look forward to more motivation from your blog. Keep it up!