Friday, March 5, 2010


What a week it's been. I didn't realize how much I depend on my roommate getting up each morning to keep me getting up to hit the gym...but I do. He's been having to leave earlier this week therefore getting up about 2 hours earlier than normal and I've struggled at getting up to hit the treadmill. Even though I've struggled, somehow I've maintained my weight and even lost another lb. Here's to tomorrow, Saturday, hopefully I can get in a good two hours and burn a few hundred calories.
I've given myself a deadline. My first 5K will be the OKC Memorial 5K Run/Walk on Sunday, April 25th. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Fortunately I've convinced my wonderful brother-in-law to run with me. Now I just have to get myself in gear and do this! Anyone interested in running...they have a marathon, 1/2 marathon, 1/2 marathon relay, 5K run/walk and kids marathon...just go to
Anyone out there have any good tips on how to stay motivated on not so good weeks like this one? Anyone else struggling? Progress reports from anyone??

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